Geotechnics & Pile Testing

About us

SLP d.o.o. is a company headquartered in Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia, EU. With a team of geotechnical and pile testing specialists  the company performed numerous Pile Dynamic Tests and worked on more than 2500 projects since 1990 when the company was founded. Our engineers worked on projects in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Norway, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Malta, Kazakhstan, Iran, Sudan, Qatar, Tunisia, Jordan etc.

Our company is also a Pile Dynamics, Inc. representative with qualified instructors who hold the Expert level in PDCA's Dynamic Measurement & Analysis Proficiency for Pile Dynamics Inc. equipment and software.

The company performs a wide range of services: 

  • Pile Static load testing (up to 12.500kN)  -  ASTM D1143/D1143M-20, ASTM D3966/D3966M-22
  • Pile Driving monitoring (PDA, CAPWAP, PDIPLOT)  -  ASTM D4945-17, ASTM D7383-19
  • Pile Dynamic load testing using the company's own FF weight hammers with drop weights of 1,6 to 54t
  • Pile driving prediction with GRLWEAP program
  • SPT Energy Calibration (k60) - ASTM D4633-16
  • Pile integrity measurements and analyses
    • Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) - ASTM D6760-16
    • Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing (PIT) - ASTM D5882-16
    • Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) - ASTM D7949-14
  • Dynamic testing Data Review, Analysis and PDA/PIT/CLS/TIP users training
  • Site investigations:
    • Cone Penetration Testing performed with our Pagani TG 63-150 penetrometer (CPTU/DPSH/SDMT) - ASTM D5778-20, ASTM D1586-18, ASTM D6635-15
    • CPeT-IT program from GeoLogismiki
  • Water level and pore pressure monitoring (Diver, Bat)
  • Geotechnical analyses and reports in accordance with EC7 using PLAXIS 2D, 3D, Slide, Settle 3D
  • Pile design, foundation design, excavation design and ground improvement design
  • Geotechnical supervisions and consultations