Geotechnics & Pile Testing

Software we use

For Pile Dynamic Load Testing SLP uses:

® - Signal Matching Software (used for Dynamic Load Testing - Static Load Test Simulation)
GRLWEAP® - Pile Driving Simulation Software - to select proper hammer for expected conditions

PDA-S® - Pile Dynamic Measurements Data Interpretation Software - CASE Method + ICAP
PDI PLOT® - Pile Dynamic Measurements Results Presentation Software

For Pile design, Foundations design, Excavations design & Ground improvement design; GGU Retain, GGU Settle, GGU Stability, Allpile, Apile.

For geotechnical analyses and reports: PLAXIS 2D & 3D, SlideSettle 3DCPeT-IT, etc

For Construction design: Tower 6 - Construction Static Analyses, BETON express