Geotechnics & Pile Testing

Geotechnical equipment

For the Cone Penetration Test (CPTU) SLP uses penetrometer push rig TG 63-150 from PAGANI-Geotechnical. The rig is equiped to preform Static or/and Dynamic test. We use 50MPa and 100MPa Piezocone with TGAS07 acquisition system. 

SLP's DPSH equipment consists of a 90 degree cone which may be sacrificial or retained for recovery, a series of extension or driving rods, a torque wrench and a driving device. DPSH uses a 63.5kg weight over a 760mm drop height, a 20cm2 cone area (51 mm diameter). 

For tests with SDMT (Seismic Flat Dilatometer), SLP uses Marchetti Seismic Dilatometer.